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Monday, February 20, 2012

"This one's for all the weirdos out there: cherish your friends, fuck the haters and let your freak flag fly."

How absolutely cool is this candid new video for EMA's new single "Take One Two" -- my relationship with Monday's has changed so much in the past year. Used to love them now I hold them at arms length. I watched this video last night and it totally got me stoked about this week. Its going to be a tough one work wise, but this totally made up for the Sunday night trepidation: 

Hope you all are having a Monday made for the gods! 


Happy Tuesday Y'alls :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day is a catch 22 situation: If you admit you hate it you are seen as cynical and if you dare to love it you are seen as naive... I don't really have an opinion on it either way. Date or no date, I hope each of you are having the very best Tuesday ever! Feel the love yo!

I am going to be laying on my bed in my underwear listening to A$AP Rocky & eating Love Pill heart shaped Jelly Beans. 

Also, I am so sorry for the delayed posting. Will be on the ball with the time management this week! 


Tattoo Tuesday Part 1: Hello! I permanently changed the look of my body... again...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

When ever I tell people that I have tattoo's and plan to get more I actually feel like I have to make it sound cool. Like in a way I am not cool enough to be as obsessed with tattoo's as I am. I will often refer to my tattoo's as "ink", "pieces" or "work". I really want to tell you all about the latest addition to my little collection of tattoo's. and I am probably going to sound lame, uncool and yes, a little bit dorky. So brace yourself for the nerdon. 

{I had it done at Cape Electric Tattoo -- by Gareth. I was totally over the moon with the his work. I was also super quiet the whole time he did it and I think it might have been a little weird that I didn't complain or even say ouch once. Gareth, if you ever read this, it did hurt, but I kind of enjoyed knowing that I could tolerate that little bit of pain in total silence.} 

Every tattoo I have has come on as a spur of the moment decision. I am a spur of the moment person some time, not always, but usually with tattoo's. This one was a long while coming. Mostly because it would be so big and I have been mulling it over. Now that I have it I can't stop loving it. I love it every day. Sometimes even twice in the morning. Its just so pretty. 

Now its done, I am so happy and I cannot wait for the scabby stage to pass on by so that I can get all the colour work done. 

{By the way, the anchor in the middle is the older tattoo} 


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My Weekend in Pictures

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A bit of a weekend round up for you all. Hope yours was as awesome as mine! Its been baking hot in Cape Town for the past 2 weeks. Saturday was 35 degrees and today is 37! I am in happyland! 

So here is my round up, starting with a pencil, ending with a monkey: 

{1} I have been making so many lists and working so very hard that my favorite blue sparkle pencil is very close to retiring form this world. I hope it had a good life. {2} I got some cute crochet shoes, at first they were a total YAY purchase, but then I wore them and they kind of hurt my feet. Got them at Mr. Price, the Primark of South Africa. {3} I read the Feb issue of Monocle, COVER to COVER. There are so many good reads in this one. My favorite article was on Tsutaya Books -- a revolutionary approach to the retail side of the publishing world. {4} I cut all my hair off. More on this later. {5} I finally got the back tattoo I have wanted for ages now. Hurra! After spending a lot of time checking for references and walking about to various parlous in Cape Town, I ended up going to one that is right down the road from me and didn't even know was there. Cape Electric Tattoo in Buitensingel road. Its totally rad. Ask for Gareth. Also, they have the NICEST lady person working there named Sam, she bought me a coke today and I totally forgot to pay her for it. {6} I helped out at my granny's church bazaar. I manned the toy sales. made a killing and scored 2 lovely vintage dresses for R20! 

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Oh my DROOL!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

I stumbled upon this gorgeous online vintage store called The Pond Market. they sell home ware and decorative items, I know what you're thinking, pfft, another vintage decor shop... NO! Its not like the others I swear! Its gorgeous. Its dreamy. It's transported me to a world of smoking in bed, handsome men in their forties and vinyl players. 

Have a look at some of the goodies: 

The Pond Market has officially lifted my mood! Hope you are all have a totally fabulous weekend!!!! 

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