Treadlie - Our Obsession With Biking Continued...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Treadlie is a magazine about biking. Not the gross, sweaty cycling stuff, the casual inner city "brunch to lunch" mode of transport we have all grown to love. Be it decked out in our vintage frocks astride our vintage rides, or in uber hip denim garb on an even hipper single speed Danish bike {I almost typed single speed Danish dude – oh how we can wish}, what ever the preference we do so love a bike and Treadlie gets this! They brand themselves as a magazine dedicated fashion, culture and design (with a bike focus). 

Have a look at some snaps from their latest issue #6

If you're not in Australia, you can download the Treadlie iPad or iPhone app from the app store. Follow them on Twitter too for awesome bike like tweets! 

Bike on! 

Brilliant Ideas I had While Stoned...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cool Material  is one of my favorite online stores. Its another one of those "curated" online shops, but their stuff is actually very nice. While doing a birthday browse for a friend of mine I stumbled on these gems: 

So I know this one guy, let's just call him Adam, he was one of those stoners that always had a good idea to share, from awesomely retarded zombie movie plots, to get rich quick schemes, there was never a dull moment. If he was the sort of person I would get a gift for, it would definitely be a pack of these note books. Maybe you know a stoner that would benefit? 

Even if you don't know many stoners, I'd say a visit to Cool Material would be worthwhile, because, well.. they have lots of cool material {oh my god! I know! That was too lame!} 

Have a great day dudes! 

Monday Music Moment: BOOM BOOM!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Friends! How wonderful is Rye Rye? If I was a psycho I would totally have an alter covered in her pictures in my bathroom. Why my bathroom you ask, well I want her to watch over me while I do my make up. She always looks sass! I've a girl boner for her. 

I was reading the {also} totally awesome Obnoxious OWL blog just now and I saw she posted Rye Rye's new video for her track Boom Boom! Its ridiculously amazing. Here have a watch: 

How totally bodacious? 

My Weekend In Pictures

I spent the end of last week in a total state of misery. I was so sick, I was so miserable and I was so not interested in moving my ass off the couch to do ANYTHING. It was even worse because Cape Town never got the memo about it being Autumn, its literally baking hot still :( 

I guess the best cure for feeling down in the dumps is to get up off your ass and take in some fresh air (and lots of white wine) -- which is precisely what I did! 

Here are some pics: 

{1} I bought a new silver orb ring and a vintage floral pleated skirts, pleats are a thing again. I am so happy about this because I adore a good pleat

{2}Went for a glass of wine at Fork which is a tapas restaurant in Long Street. They have one of the best balconies in the city if you are ever looking for a pretty place to kick it in the sun. Next door to Fork is the Pan African Market, which sells, amongst other thing a wide array of African Face Masks. Totally weird and macabre.

{3} Sarah and I then escaped the overly zealous Fork waiter and went on to &Union for Portebello Mushroom burgers and a bottle of wine. 

{4} After this day drinking binge I was only slightly tipsy (lies) and in my tipsy state I thought it'd be great to go visit my brother. Ryan and I listened to drum & bass and tried on fake mustaches. 

I then went home to pass out face first into my soft pillows. Actually... first I watched Dirty Dancing. Which I have decided has the best soundtrack if you are drunk. 

Hope you all had a splendid weekend! 


Fred Perry Made A Camera That I Want To Date

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes brands get married and together they make beautiful children... British street wear company, Fred Perry & Australian camera manufacture Lomography, recently enjoyed such a marriage. Their child is called The La Sardina. 

Yes, I hear you, another point and shoot camera. BUT. But, this one is a beauty. The vintage style metal bodied camera also comes with an aperture F/8, 35mm film and a shutter speed of 1/100. 

The downside? The La Sardina will retail for approximately $141 and will only be sold in Japan. 

Excuse while I cry myself to sleep. 


Wednesday's Word Of The Day

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

whim·si·cal  (hwmz-kl, wm-)
1. Determined by, arising from, or marked by whim or caprice. See Synonyms at arbitrary.
2. Erratic in behavior or degree of unpredictability: a whimsical personality.

The Importance of Being Whimsical… I suppose it is not really important in the grand scheme of all things life, but today I had an epiphany and basically I epiphanized (not a word but let's just pretend) that in life, there is so very much in the way of bogged out, sad, depressing, aggressive shit. 
It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if all all set aside one hour every day to just be totally ridiculous. Hoola Hoop around your apartment, blow bubbles into the neighbors yard, eat 3 ice cones, listen to some Aretha Franklin, dry hump your boyfriend. 
It doesn't matter what you decide to do, if it feels lovely its probably ok. 
Hope you all had a great Wednesday!! 


Monday's Music Moments: The Full Retard

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Browsing the Pitchfork album reviews page is so relaxing. I don't know why but it makes me feel calm, maybe it's knowing that no matter what inner (or outer) turmoil is happening in my immediate reality, music is still being made, and a lot of it is great. 

Last night, while in the throes of an epic pity party I went to my dear friend Pitchfork in the hopes of expelling some of my negative energy. Of course, true to the Pitchfork vibe, there were so many new reviews and so many great new albums I got a bit flustered. And then... 

And then... I stumbled on this track

El-P's newest Offering: The Full Retard. Its been 5 years since his last release and I may be in the minority here, but I think its been worth the wait! Cannot wait for his full release to drop on May 22. 


He made me beautiful

Monday, March 12, 2012

Have you heard of Christian Ward?

He's a crazy talented, London based comic artist (soon to be comic writer). I think he's awesome for very many reasons and only one of those reasons is his picture making skills.

Yesterday he surprised me with this

It's me!!! I think Christian took some artistic liberties because this here lady love is so beautiful. I pale in comparison. You can see more of Christian Ward's work here

Hope you all had an amazing weekend tomorrow the blog gets a make over so look out for it :)

The Panic Room:the Jekyll & Hyde of hotel decor

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Art hotel, Au Vieux Panier in Marseille has a panic room... or rather, it has The Panic Room - a suite decorated, and I use the word so very loosely because this goes beyond decor, by the totally awe inspiring street artist Tilt

In half of the room he utilized a white monotone palette. Very sober, very clean, very silent. 

The second half of the room is basically a cluster fuck of colour, words and energy. To me, it channels a kind of inner sensation that I almost always feel white traveling, a sense of total panic and wonderment and awe while parallelly holding on to a sense of total calm and relaxation. 

Its totally magical. I definitely don't need to look for reasons to visit France, but if I did... If I did! I'd probably use this room as the title to that list. 

 For more of Tilt's work visit his website or to see more of the Panic Room visit The Big Addict website

Just a minute (second) in February

Thursday, March 01, 2012

February is a month I barely got a chance to get used to. I blinked and it was done. I spent most, if not all of February completely obsessed with work. I blogged very little, and worked very much. Being a part of the 2012 Design Indaba was phenomenal to say the least. 

Pretty in pink school girls decorating the VISI Magazine stand at the Design Indaba Expo

There were so many highlights i couldn't even begin to tell you all about it. Working with the Design Indaba Emerging Creative's, being a part of the expo, having totally amazing colleagues, feeling exhausted and totally in awe of all of the wonderful creative talent in Cape Town; were just a handful of February's offerings. As I write this I am basically running on nervous energy and positive vibes. It has been a huge learning curve for me and all I really have to say is, February, you have changed me. 

Here's my full list: 

Listening: Cate le Bon's Cryk
Looking: at a fabulous array of local design
Buying: A new dress by the lovely South African label August
Reading: Where It's At -- the latest Design Indaba publication guest edited by Richard Hart. Its an indulgent celebration of African creativity. If you haven't got a copy yet you can order it online. 

I feel like this list is maybe not as exciting as it should be, but I think thats mostly due to my delirious exhaustion. More on life as I know it after I've amassed a bit more energy. 

Here's to a totally rad March! 


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