Tattoo Tuesday: Part 3: Meet my lovely friend Adeline

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meet Adeline.  

Adeline and I share a love for hot chocolate at The Hotel Bristol in Oslo, art galleries, boy talk and tattoos. 

Adeline has an amazing blog that is a constant source of inspiration to me, and I am so very honoured that she agreed to share a bit of herself here on my blog: 

Name & Blog Name: Adeline - Lady Croissant
Age: 29
Occupation: Museum NerdAda's Puppeteer
Age of First Tattoo: 23
Featured Tattoo/Location: Russian Doll on my right foot.
Artist/Shop/Location of Shop of Featured Tattoo: Sam, Tattoo Convention at Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway.

Tell us about your featured tattoo
I've always had a thing for Russian Dolls since childhood and I knew that at some point, I wanted to get a Russian doll tattoo. Sam was visiting and I showed him around, he was so grateful he offered to tattoo me - yes, for free - and I immediately thought of a drawing Naomi made for me. A few days later, the magic happened. Initially, I wanted to keep it black & white with a dash of red but now, I'm ready to add so more colour.

Do you have any other tattoos
I have two others: a viking symbol on my forearm and the one you can spot on my left foot.

Do you plan on getting more
Yes! I want to get started on a half sleeve as soon as I can afford it.

How do your family, friends and loved ones feels about your tattoos
My friends actually paid for one of them, it was my birthday gift a couple of years ago. They all agree that they reflect my personality and who I am. My mom wasn't smitten at first but she grew to understand that she doesn't have to worry about my health or my career and I think she likes them: she made a compliment about the Russian doll a few weeks ago... it was a first and it made me very proud.

What do you do to pass the time while getting tattooed: 
I talk. And I drink coke.

Any advice for someone who would like to get a first time tattoo:
Make sure it's personal and take time to think about it.

Have a look at this gorgeous video which features Adeline's lovely tattoo: 

Happy Tuesday! 

Wednesday's Word of the Day: Prismatic

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

prismatic [priz-mat-ik]   
As in brilliant or intensely hued 
How big is multicoloured or prismatic hair at the moment? Look at these fantastic pattern//hair colour combo's: 

Images vis sfgirlbythebay

I Fucking Love Colouring - Thanks Crayola

Monday, July 16, 2012

Now I’m not saying that I have out grown wax crayons and colouring in books, not by a long shot, but if I was looking for a more grown up version I’d be in luck because Crayola has just created a mini nail polish set inspired by their classic colour range!

Oh. So. Yay!  

The ‘Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set’ comes in a giant yellow crayon box (quintessential to Crayola), and consists of 8 vibrant colors: Metalic Orange, Metallic Cotton Candy, Robin's Egg Blue, Scarlet, Plum, Blue Bell, Glitter Wild Strawberry and Glitter Canary.

Some polishes are metallic, while others have glitter.

For those who fancy the brightest crayons in the box, the mini nail polish set retails at US$8 on Amazon.

Just remember to color within the lines!

Friday Favourites Part 8: Things I fell in love with this week

Friday, July 13, 2012

When I lived in Olso I used to do a Friday Favorites post in which I showcased my favorite findings for the week. Since moving back to south Africa I haven’t done one of those posts. I’m doing one today because I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to remind myself of all the lovely things in the world.

So here are something’s I absolutely fell in love with this week: 

2] The Inbetweeners - a British TV show about a group of misfit teenage boys and their journey through high school. It's so funny. I laughed until I lost my breath
3] Urban Outfitters LISTN #14 playlist. I've been listening to this one all week long :) 
4] Home décor pins on Pinterest because I have 17 days until my big move and while my to-do list grows my inspiration shrinks
5] Minimalist tattoos – because I want many more but find myself struggling to commit to larger pieces.

What sort of things have lifted your spirits this week? 

Ombre... Is it the new Pantone or the new Tie Dye?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Hey! Dude! I heard you like  Ombrė so we  Ombrė'd your  Ombrė , now you can  Ombrė while you  Ombrė .....

Remember when tie dye was a thing and people used to like literally tie dye every fucking part of their immediate realities? T-shits, towels, handbags, sneakers. It was ridiculous! 

Comparatively, Pantone was/is also a thing that is spread (in my opinion) a little too widely across the realm of product design. 

Now there’s Ombrė… Started off as a hair colour… now, well it is drowning in a wave of hyper commercialism… Ombrė everything. I’m all Ombrė’d out man! I wish trends moved along faster because I know that while Ombrė is at the downward slope of its life, I’m still going to be seeing a lot of it. 

Here are some examples Ombrė Insanity taken from the Shrine to Ombrė (aka Pinterest

Are we in a place yet where we can admit that Ombrė & Tie Dye are basically the same thing? 

Just A Minute in June: The Ups + Downs Of It All

Thursday, July 05, 2012

I know it's 5 days into July already so this post is slightly over due, nevertheless here it is.

June was a complicated month for me. I didn't have much time to blog and when I did it was quite detached. I didn't have time to read much other than magazines and listening to music, well, I actually think I over dosed on music this month... 

Here are the highlights: 

Buying...House things – I’ve always loved moving house, the sheer joy and excitement of a new place to rest my head, refreshing new décor possibilities etc. I spent a lot of time looking for my new flat. It was tiresome and finally I found the gem I was waiting for: wooden floors, big windows, high ceilings, lots of warmth. I literally cannot wait to move. June was spent hunter/gathering do dads and niknaks for my lovely new apartment. 
Enjoying...not much, to be honest I have been perpetually grumpy for most of June. 

Reading... I really haven’t had much time to read anything of substance this month :/ Hopefully July will hold more in the way literary musings. 

Listening... To an unhealthy amount of Fleetwood Mac & Credence Clearwater Revival. Yes, I know, it must stop… but I don’t want it to. 

Watching...Alphas – which is a really really shitty TV show about a group of people with special powers, even though its cheesy, predictable and cringe worthy, I can’t stop watching it. 

Eating...Everything in sight! Winter does nothing for my waistline, I just crave comfort food and I've been letting myself go wild. Time to exercise some restraint in an attempt to avoid a huge panic before summer shows up again.

Learning… That my irrational fear of the dentist is actually based on my irrational fear of being put under... 

Attempting... to make an Ombre Cake for my house warming. I've been doing a few trial runs and practicing with different shades if icing... once its perfected i'll blog it. 

Tattoo Tuesday: Inkspiration - What's Next Nikki?

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I'm completely obsessed with tattoos.
If I din't have to hold down a regular job with decent growth prospects I would probably throw caution to the needle and cover myself in tattoos. Alas, my reality is not so adventurous. 

Having said that, I do think I will get 4 - 6 more tattoos in my life time. Today I spent a considerable amount of time on Pinterest looking at what tattoo number 7 could look like... 


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