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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Greyton? I think you mean GREATton!

Ok I know that was incredibly cheesy, but its only because I am still riding the fresh air, good food, country life wave. Greyton is amazing. Its small and quaint and packed to the rafters with wonderful restaurants and cute little stores. 

The Human came to pick me up from work on Friday afternoon, after negotiating moderately early release for my work prison. Just a tip, Vida’s breakfast rolls do not make for very good car food. This fact was compounded by the Vida in Tokai insisting they had no napkins…. Eggsplosions. Not my vibe. 

The winter skies were complete perfection on Friday afternoon. 

Organic/ mobile political graffiti – I wonder why the person chose this truck? And what the catalyst for this statement was. 

I have always loved (read: loathed) driving over Sir Lowry’s pass. The steep climb, the bendy roads, the long haul trucks travelling at murderous speed… Ok so I am being a little dramatic, but the best part about crossing the pass is when you get to the other side. The Overberg is so beautiful. It has inspired so many South African artists, from Pierneef, to Huga Naude, to Volschenk. And there’s a reason for that…

We got to Greyton quite late in the evening, it was dark, cold and I was miserable after being in the car for two hours. There was a huge storm on Friday night and it raged on until Saturday morning. The power went out briefly. I struggled to get some sleep. 

And when I woke up on Saturday morning, Ella and I hit the streets for puddle jumping & hot chocolate drinking. Awesomeness. 

There are so many gorgeous little houses in Greyton. All of this prettiness makes me long for a weekend house, a place to escape and commune with the natural world. Is this what old age is like? Longing for fresh air and peace and quiet while we await the zombie apocalypse? 

There was snow on the mountain by the time Saturday afternoon rolled around. Investigation was absolutely mandatory. 

The Greyton town square hosts a market every Saturday morning, selling lovely local produce and fresh pancakes, waffles, delicious cheeses and a biscuit maker that had no front teeth and smelled of mulled wine – bliss. 

Searle’s restaurant and general grocer is quite a treasure trove for candy, pastry and vintage garb. It is also the most unlikely place to find Coast & Koi shoes. 

The house we stayed at was totally magical. Pretty and cozy if a little draughty – the kitchen was a super gorgeous farm kitchen that had the most amazing ceramic pieces like this rooster butter dish. Divine. 


Happy days!


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