Is It Still DIY If Its A Baby?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When I was little there was always a mad dash to keep the Christmas gifts hidden from my youngest sister, Dani. She is completely incapable of keeping a secret and often the first person i turn to when I have a bit of juicy gossip. She even has a motto for it, "Secrets make you sick". I never really grasped the meaning of this until I found I had a secret of my own. I have been bursting to shout this from the rooftops for ages now, holding it in has made me feel so bogged down! 

The Human & I are having a baby!! I am officially 4 months pregnant :) and I couldn't be more in love with life right now. 

So far the highlights of have been:
-- no morning sickness
-- buying clothes 1 size too big because i feel super fat only to find out, I'm still the exact same size (bar my waistline)
-- sharing this experience with an amazing man who is my equal in every way
-- beginning my own ultimate DIY project, the DIY baby 

There are so many things I am looking forward to in the next few months and the end of April can't roll around fast enough because I cannot wait to meet my little bean. 

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  1. Eeeeeek!!!! Nikki!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!


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