Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I’ve always been the kind of person that despises complaining. I never send my food back at restaurants, I never alert management about bad service, I am a firm believer in the shut up and get on with it school of thought. Recently however I have taken to complaining, at first it was via email, then I gradually progressed to phone calls, then the dreaded Hello Peter and finally Twitter. It’s horribly addictive! 

In the past when we had a problem we would get on the horn and try to talk our way up to middle management, perhaps even write a strongly worded letter, and if you were really extreme you might even write to a newspaper. Nowadays, its acceptable to name and shame brands on the internets. To be honest, I detest this form of complaining. Why is my 140 character tweet more likely to inspire action than my call to your customer services department? Why even bother to have a customer services department? 

Supporting a brand as a consumer is more than jumping on a band wagon, it means taking your hard earned money and putting it in the hands of a brand because you heard their message and on some level it resonated with you. Or you just liked the cool shit they were selling. Either way! If you can take my money for your product you can for damn sure help me sort out a problem I have with said product, right? Yes right, but only if I tweet you about the afore mentioned problem. 

This is not why I joined Twitter. I don’t want a timeline filled with all the reasons your service/ product/ brand sucks arse! Right now I am sitting at my desk, banging (literally) this blog post out in a lonely rage, wondering hopelessly why I have been reduced to this maniac over something as simple as returning a dress. 

Never before has cutting myself off from technology been more appealing. 

Brands: help your customers, don’t wait to be called out on Twitter, an email or a phone call is not just enough, it’s the civilized way to communicate. Why would you prefer that I list everything negative about your company of a public forum? 


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