Sidewalks: Cape Town is my boyfriend and we're in our dry humping phase

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You know when you have a new boyfriend and you go through like 2 -9 months of just constant PDA's and touching and inappropriate kissing at the dinner table in front of parents and stuff? Well that's pretty much what summer in Cape Town feels like for a Capetonian. I am so in love with my city I wish I could just dry hump it constantly. 

Most cities come alive in summer, but Cape Town does it in a special way (yes that's my horrific bias you're hearing). In light of all this hypothetical dry humping and coming alive and general happiness I decided that perhaps it was time to reexplore this amazing city I call home. A few months ago I got 'Sidewalks: A Journal for Exploring Your City' as a gift, and I think this will put it to great use. 

It was the Modcloth Book Of The Month for June 2012. Described as: 

This charming journal is your guide as you “wander, discover, and document the unexpected everyday charms of the city you call home.” Explore your everyday surroundings like never before with this clever notebook. Filled with creative prompts, like searching out colours on a stroll, questions to ask strangers and recording meals you've tried around your city, use this slim pad to direct and document all your new adventures.


I'll be posting my various adventures with the book and the city! 

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