The preggi belly survival list: some things that made my life easy

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I've been meaning to do a post about the products that I found most useful during my pregnancy. Needless to say, I haven't had the time or the energy until now - oh how I love maternity leave.

I must add a disclaimer here, a lot of bloggers post about super fancy products in super fancy packaging, all of the things I found most useful you could get very easily and didn't cost much at all.

1) I know it's quite old school but Raddox bath salts - the muscle soak one - was literally my best friend towards the end of my pregnancy. While getting in and out of the tub was massive challenge, the soaking part was utterly sublime.

2) The Annique Lucid Skin Replenisher came in handy, I used it as a night cream. Annique products are all Rooibos based so they are wry natural and great for your skin.

3) A lot of women suffer from breakouts during pregnancy, for me I struggle with blackheads. Which, I'm sure I don't need to tell you, are seriously gross. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Scrub was amazing. I used it twice a week and it really helped. The worst part of my pregnancy was during the worst part of summer ad I found this crib really helped reduce oiliness and left my skin feeling so refreshed.

4) Are you wondering why there is a tub of nesquik in the mix? It's because heartburn happens and it kicked my arse. I tried everything. Every product, every old wives tale and in the end the only thing that have me instant and lasting relief was milk. Which I hate. So I made nesquik and when nesquik wasn't available I drank steri stumpie's.

5) Lansinoh Lanolin cream is great for nipples, which become a little sore and irritated towards the last trimester. You can find it at any pharmacy.

6) This tube of Peter Thomas Roth body lotion lived in my handbag and I use it as hand cream because my skin was constantly dry. Especially on my hands.

7) Number 7 is an obvious choice. Bio Oil there are lots of alternatives to Bio Oil, but I found the original to work the best :)

As I said. It's a modest list, but it's an honest one. If love to hear from other pregnant or new moms, what helped you?
While I lived every second of my pregnancy I did find the side effects to pose a challenge occasionally. But it's only natural that our bodies would change a bit I guess?

Happy Friday all!!



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