Friday Finds: Links I Love (warning: lot's of feelings ahead)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Let's bow our heads for a minute and think about the days when #ff was a thing. While I was occasionally the recipient of the much coveted #ff, what I really loved was finding new people, new blogs or new brands to follow and engage with. 

So it's in that spirit that I am sharing a few of the things I have read this week that have totally moved me, or inspired me or just made me feel something...

tailsofamermaid: posted a blog this morning about depression, its something so many people suffer from and also something we are so scared to talk about, go over and read it. It made me feel better this morning. 

iheartyouroutfit: shared some of the things she experienced at the Dove breakfast she recently attended. I am so in love with Dove's new ad campaign, which focuses on loving the skin you're in. You can see some of the adverts over here

raisingmen: wrote a post that I am struggling to describe.... it's like an honest account of life as it currently is. I know that this may not resonate with everyone as it did with me, because I have also recently switched to working from home and leaving the 9-5 life has literally felt like a massive bag of jaggerdy, rusty scrap metal has just been lifted off my shoulders and it has done my mind, my relationship and my home some serious good. 

obnoxiousowl: she is my go to feel good blogger because she writes things like: "In life, olives are inevitable. Just pick them off the pizza." which is both incredibly simple and wildly profound. If she isn't on your feedly reading list then you are missing some true pearls of wisdom!

Them be the links. I went to an NA meeting once and there was a guy who had just come off of a pretty life changing heroin binge and he started off his share by saying, "I'm feeling shit because for the first time in years I'm feeling shit" - it's important to feel shit, good shit, bad shit, it all makes us better people, I truly believe that. That's been my learning curve this week. 

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