Life Lately According to Instagram #3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Top row from the left: Couple selfie because this man owns my heart + It's impossible for the insta-updates not to contain snaps of my beautiful little girl guys + Waiting in the car for Ella to finish OT, contemplating how much my Converse have gone through... 

Middle row from the left: Teething is out of control, Sophie wakes up with an itchy mouth often and its usually at 4am and she usually cannot go back to sleep after + So I usually end up looking like this most days.. thank you teething + Ella's school had their end of year picnic and Jazz evening, Ella won the potato on the spoon race! I was the proudest aunt in attendance

Bottom row from the left: Regan dj'd the Touch Bass rooftop party again last weekend, he always pulls weird faces while he's picking his music for the night. Love the giant stuffed tiger in the background + I went along to the rooftop party because its been 16 months since I've had a drink and dance and I needed it + Summer evening out listening to music with the baby.... bliss


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