11 Best DIY Gift Wrap Ideas from Pinterest

Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Christmas is so different from past Christmas' for so many reasons, firstly it's Sophie's first Christmas, (I feel so much pressure here guys) and also it's our first Christmas with me being a stay at home mom (oh my god the pressure is actually killing me). I grew up in a family where Christmas came with a few traditions but for the most part the main focus was family. This is exactly hat I want for my little rosebud. Obviously I've gone into Mother Christmas over drive, trying to craft-diy-homemade myself into an early grave. The madness has to end.

But the last stage of my "Nikki is supermom and can/will craft the shit out of anything and everything" phase is wrapping paper. I so want to get creative this year with my gift wrapping. Naturally I dived down the Pinterest rabbit hole and can I just say, people are muchos loco to be making gifts that look like this, this, this or this. If I ever gave you a gift looking like that, best believe the box is empty because the wrapping is gift enough.

Through the craziness I did manage to find some beautiful, simple ideas for DIY gift wrap. Here are my 11 favorites:

Happy wrapping guys! So looking forward to my late night Instagram searches on Christmas eve to see how everyone's wrapping looks, here's hoping mine is worthy of at least one jealous "like"


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