8 awesome sewing tutorials for moms

Friday, February 07, 2014

I'm secretly terrified of crafts. I have a Pinterest board filled with all these gorgeous things I am dying to make but honestly, I am so scared it'll turn out shit and I'll be the butt of the needle work joke and basically be forced to relive my primary school shame.

Adeline sent me this amazing list of like 50+ crafts and there were so many on there that I'd love to do, but these were my absolute favorites:

Gorgeous baby bloomers
Applique onesie tutorial
Ruffled baby dress
Silk bow headband 
Modern ombre quilt 
Make your own baby tights
Upcycled baby cocoon
Little fur vest

Most of these are from See Kate Sew, if you haven't visited her site yet, do yourself a favor and go have a look!

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