Today is a gift

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today I was mooching around the house picking up toys, folding washing, changing nappies and it all felt so surreal (it occasionally does). There are days when it sort of feels like the hardest job in the world and then there are days, like today, where I feel like I am playing the very best sort of pretend game. 

The wet towels on the bathroom floor, the cereal in my hair, the huge pile of laundry, it all stops feeling like a chore and instead becomes my own version of playing house. But how silly because I don’t have to pretend, this is my life. Now I know a lot of people (a lot of friends and family members too) look at my life as a stay at home mom and think “self indulgent” or “boring”.  But really on days like today I feel like I won the luck lottery. Big time. Because this life I have right now is my version of living the dream.

I’m not one of those latte sipping, gym moms either. My life is really nothing exciting or extra special and most days go by without a single noteworthy thing happening. It’s the life of Nikki, cleaning up after Sophie and occasionally Regan. I walk around the house in slippers and pj’s most days, you know? Like a total frumpy mom with bad hair and breast  milk stains on my t-shirt. It’s really the sort of life businessmen and ladies tend to look down on a bit. That’s all this is.

For me though, this is it. Each morning when Regan leaves for work and he kisses Sophie and I goodbye, my kiss is to say goodbye and also to say thank you, thank you so much for the sacrifices you make and for going to work every day sometimes for more than 12 hours a day so that I can have this life I hold so close to my heart. I feel so blessed and so lucky to have what we have.

So I'm just here, tossing another load of Sophie's washing into the washing machine, staring at a huge pile of ironing, pondering what to make for supper and really just feeling like this day, this life, is such a beautiful gift. 


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