How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day with a 10 month old teething baby

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We had the grandest plans for Valentine’s Day guys. Regan & I decided we’d take a night off parenting and go to a hotel after having an insanely awesome meal at Carne in Keerom Street. Just like the good old days… food, wine, and bedroom stuff. Obviously we are insane beacuse there was no way the universe would allow us to have even one night of complete abandon, so naturally on Wednesday Sophie started pushing 2 new teeth out (we’ve had tears since then) and then on Thursday my little brother announces that his girlfriend isn’t allowed to go on the date he’s planned unless my mom (aka our babysitter) chaperoned.

Talk about a fml situation.

Anyway, it turned out not to be that devastating because secretly both Regan and I were totally panicked and on edge about leaving Sophie for the night and we both secretly breathed a sigh of relief when our well planned Valentine’s Day came crashing down around us. We are such losers.

We ended up having a living room picnic with Sophie running wild in her walking ring. We made some feeble attempts at a romantic ambiance and eventually gave up and just embraced the night for what it was, a chance to eat some lovely pizza, drink some delicious wine and have some good ‘ol family time. Which was actually really awesome because Regan’s been working till after 9 most of this week.

Hope you all had a groovy Valentine’s Day too!

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