Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You might have heard of The Grace Factory already… an amazing NPO that collects and distributes children’s clothes, blankets and toiletries to those in need. Since its launch in 2013 by Amy Westerman and Alison Wright, The Grace Factory has managed to help so many children and new moms with various baby items.

Up until recently The Grace Factory has been operating in the Gauteng region but I am so incredibly excited to tell you that I will be pioneering the Cape Town branch as of right now!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you do a google search for the phrases: minimal wardrobe, capsule wardrobe, wardrobe inventory or personal uniform; you will fall into a rabbit hole of blog posts written by bloggers looking for a new approach to getting dressed in the morning. I was first introduced to the concept by Adeline, who is currently sharing her journey towards a minimalist approach to fashion.

I have always been vehemently opposed to excess and hoarding. I prefer to get rid of things as soon as I don’t like them anymore and own very little of sentimental value. When I was in my early 20’s my life could fit into 1 large Samsonite suitcase, and I loved it. Getting dressed in the morning was a breeze because I knew what I had, I knew what I liked and I knew how to wear it. As I got older I started accumulating more and more “stuff” Getting dressed for work or nights out became harder and harder and I found myself stuck in this vicious rut of “I have nothing to wear”.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

How awesome is this info gram developed by Happify? I'm a huge fan of the app and their activities. When I read this I couldn't help but nod along with each point. It all makes SO much sense.

"In a survey with 4200 kids in 12 countries, 90% of kids say they're happy most the time" 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There’s a beautiful chill in the morning air, I think its called Autumn. Sophie has started wearing warmer pajama’s at night, she’s morphed into a fluffy snuggly little cherub. Most nights Regan and I argue over who’s turn it is to spoon her. I usually win because his arms are heavier than mine. 

The best thing about Sophie sleeping in our bed is this cuddle time while she’s asleep. I get to hold her and nuzzle her neck without annoying her or having her dart off to some sparkly thing that’s caught her eye like she does when she’s awake. Every night before I fall asleep I lay my head so close to hers and just breathe her in. I feel like my heart expands with each breath and more and more love just pours in.

The older Sophie gets, the more I get told that I am spoiling her. I remember when my gran came over after Sophie was born, she said “Don’t hold her too much, you’ll spoil her”. I remember at that moment coming to terms with the fact that I would be ok with having a spoiled child. Now I still hear a lot about it, spoiling.

What a horrible word to associate with a child, I mean, you might as well use decaying, rotting, putrefying or ruining…. Because that is what you are implying. When ever I spend a little time indulging Sophie’s daily whims a little voice (that sounds a lot like my gran) whispers somewhere far off in my mind, “don’t spoil her”. I use Sophie’s gurgling laugh to drown out that whisper.

Very honestly, if every fuss I make, ouchie I kiss or cuddle I give leads to a child that is emotionally reliant on her parents then so be it, because aren’t children supposed to rely on their parents emotionally? I’m not delusional; I know that one day Sophie will want nothing to do with Regan and I. She will outgrow her bed time stories, she will move beyond her need to cuddle her mama, she will run off and be her own person. When that day arrives I don’t want to wish I had held her more, because I can do that now.

No adult looks back on their childhood and says, “actually I think my parents loved me a bit too much” do they? 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Millstone Farm Stall & Cafe at the Oude Molen Eco Village in Pinelands is located just 12 minutes from Cape Town's city centre and, affectionately known as 'Millstone', this family restaurant is for children with children.


Saturday, March 08, 2014

Left to right from the top left corner: 

1// Sophie being utterly adorable, really she is too gorgeous in this picture. She has the most expressive eyes, every emotion is captured in those baby blues. 
2// Pretty much the same as #1... we're starting to let her feed herself a lot more, obviously this means at least 2 outfit changes a day. Laundry has never been so time consuming. 
3// Went for a pedi at Gingerlily spa, if you haven't been yet you should go, it is in a beautiful setting and the girls working there are so divine. 
4// Dani walking into Gingerlily.
5// When Sophie smiles she looks so much like Regan :) 
6// Regans & Dani at the Millstone farmstall (blog post to follow. It's an AWESOME place to go for brunch if you have kids! 
7// My life is incomplete without coffee 
8// Of course Eskom started load shedding this week. What a load of shed if you ask me. I'm so grateful for breastfeeding now, what do moms with bottle fed babies do when the power is out at night? 

As usual life consists mostly of Sophie and family time... which makes my heart so glad 

Gingerlily Spa: Pedicure Perfection

Friday, March 07, 2014

Friends, don't go an do you nails inside an over lit, over air-conditioned mall because places like Gingerlily exist and they'd be so happy to have you!


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