Saturday, March 08, 2014

Left to right from the top left corner: 

1// Sophie being utterly adorable, really she is too gorgeous in this picture. She has the most expressive eyes, every emotion is captured in those baby blues. 
2// Pretty much the same as #1... we're starting to let her feed herself a lot more, obviously this means at least 2 outfit changes a day. Laundry has never been so time consuming. 
3// Went for a pedi at Gingerlily spa, if you haven't been yet you should go, it is in a beautiful setting and the girls working there are so divine. 
4// Dani walking into Gingerlily.
5// When Sophie smiles she looks so much like Regan :) 
6// Regans & Dani at the Millstone farmstall (blog post to follow. It's an AWESOME place to go for brunch if you have kids! 
7// My life is incomplete without coffee 
8// Of course Eskom started load shedding this week. What a load of shed if you ask me. I'm so grateful for breastfeeding now, what do moms with bottle fed babies do when the power is out at night? 

As usual life consists mostly of Sophie and family time... which makes my heart so glad 


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