Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Loving: The not so subtle change of season, waking up in the morning and feeling that perfect chill in the air is pure magic. Hello autumn! I’ve missed you so!
Buying: Absolutely nothing, since starting my Minimal Me project I have put a temporary ban on shopping. Also, Adeline sent my long lost stash of vintage dresses so I kind of feel like I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe already. 
Eating: No carb or sugar! It’s been really difficult. I mean those cravings for thickly buttered bread are no joke. But I’m soldiering on. Had a few slip ups but I am proud to report each time I’ve gingerly gotten back on the horse. 
Watching: Rather re-watching last season’s Game of Thrones, I realise I’ve completely forgotten most of what happened. Guys I am so excited about the new season!! Cannot wait! 
Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Loved it so much! A nice bit of romantic escapism. 

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