Monday, April 14, 2014

Left to right from the top left corner:

1// Sophie's first selfie - is this a technology milestone? 
2// bacon and egg salads because I've waved good bye to carbs in the hope of shrining my lady lumps
3// Parklife with my two grans Wilma & Winne 
4// Wynberg Park is like a forgotten gem, I sued to go so often as a child and then it went through a phase of being bit of a stoner hang out & now, I'm happy to report it has been reclaimed as a wonderful family picnic spot
5// Sunset on Camps Bay beach, just another kak day in Cape Town amiright?
6// Catepillar eyebrows in desperate need of threading! If you know someone (not Rashmi) please share contact details! 
7// Sophie & mama deep in cuddle land, basic. 
8// Looking down... Its so rare that I'm wearing something other than tights and a tee. 

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