Monday, April 28, 2014

When I read this post on the Raising Men blog I clearly remember feeling seriously excited about Sophie’s first birthday. If you scroll down to the comments you’ll see I even commented! What ever was I thinking? Children’s parties are a not for the faint hearted. As I write this I am still nursing a pounding headache that started when the last guest left last night (ahem the invite said 2-4pm).

Ok let me just be serious, we had such a grand day. There was a great deal of stress leading up to the party, the biggest cause being that our cake lady came down with gastro and let us know on Saturday that she could no longer make the cake for Sunday. In hindsight this was actually a fabulous thing, not the gastro, but the cancellation. We were forced to gather our resources and find a new cake lady on the 11th hour. Regan suggested the girlfriend of a friend of his. I was apprehensive, I didn’t know her and hadn’t seen any of her cakes before, but we were screwed without her. Now people, let me tell you, if you’re in Cape Town and you need a beautiful, delicious cake, you have to give Samantha Luter a call. Her facebook page is full of pictures of the kind of cakes she makes but none of them truly do her talents justice. She is wonderful. The owl cake she made for Sophie was beyond what I could have imagined. Everyone was in awe. Sam if you’re reading this, I will never order a cake anywhere else, ever again. You are now my cake lady ☺

After packing party packs, setting a table, making conversation, crapping out savage 6 year olds (attacking each other on the jumping castle), throwing away half drank glasses of juice and half eaten cupcakes, putting to be a very miserable 1 year old and finally putting on my pj’s and having a well deserved cup of tea, I can truly say I am finished. Thank goodness birthday’s come but once a year. I couldn’t do this again any time soon.

Lastly, Sophie got 18 books as gifts from different people. I feel like this is worth mentioning because I am so over joyed. Go books!

Ok I’m going to take as much panado as I can and move as little as possible today. Hope you are all enjoying the public holiday! 

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