Monday, May 12, 2014

I’ve written and rewritten this post so many times. I had this idea to share the blogs I am currently in love with so maybe you could fall in love with them too. The more I thought about how to lay it out, the more I realised I didn’t just want this to be a blogroll hiding out as a blog post. I didn’t just want to share what I was reading; I wanted to share why I loved what I was looking at too. You see, I am an incredibly visual person. I love beautiful design, from clothing to home ware to Sophie’s toys. It carries over to blogging. Yes I know, content is of course king, but a beautiful blog with exciting content? It’s a thing to behold. And that’s what I want to show you. Last night 2 great things happened: Natasha from Raising Men shared her redesigned site & Candice from Gorgeous Blog launched her new baby, a travel site called The Trip Fox. Both of these sites are visually divine, and looking at them I just knew this was the direction I was waiting for. This was where I wanted to take this blog series.

I hope to share a few local and one international blog with you every week. You can expect beautiful design married to interesting content.

This week I want to show the two blogs I mentioned above as well as one more. All three are local blogs. Next week I’ll have a really great international to tell you about too.

Raising Men’s been on my reading list since 2012. I used to work at Design Indaba and she used to work at ROI and I feel really creepy saying this but I often rode the lift with her trying to pluck up the courage to say hi, but feeling like a bit of a loser, so I never did. I love Natasha’s blog because it’s as real as it gets. She’s honest and open and shares so much of what most of us feel daily. She’s an inspiration to me. Does that sound lame?

Her new blog is beautiful, she’s made the big switch to wordpress, and while I am yet to become a wordpress disciple I think her site looks amazing. The header is fresh and fun and all that white space! Gosh it’s a dream! Well done Tash!

The Trip Fox has not got too much content yet but because its Candice’s (Gorgeous Blog) baby I know its only a matter of time until its full of divine wanderlust-y tales. What I love about it is how simple and clean the design is. The colour of that greeny blue is pantone perfection and the font is flawless. I am anxiously awaiting more!

Our Gathered Home is the latest offering from all round urban superhero, Matt Allison. He features real local and international homes that are honestly stylish and functionally beautiful. It’s fast becoming my favorite home/décor/design blog. My only complaint would be that Matt should do more frequent posts ☺ But I can only imagine how time consuming sourcing and collecting all these images are.

Are you reading any beautiful blogs right now? Comment with the link below, I'd love to feature them!

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