Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've fallen down a rabbit of poor time management and as a result my blog has taken a bit of a backseat to my real life this month. There might be one or two of you that have wondered where I was...

At the beginning of June I started a freelance job at Woolworths. It's been a total dream getting back to working it. You guys I'm so lucky because I also get to work with a pretty awesome group of ladies who are so chatty and interesting. I've been there such a short time but I feel so welcomed and comfortable. How great is it to have lovely colleagues? So great!

I'll write more about the transition to working mom a bit later, for now I'll just briefly mention that Sophie is doing great. We've planned it (jokes there was zero planning or forethought involved) so well that Sophie has suffered minimal disruption and barely notices when we leave every morning. Occasionally she'll have a little cry or be a bit more clingy than usual but she gets over it so quickly and by the time she sees me again she's all smiles and giggles. Gosh she owns my whole heart.

I've just started my new diet - I'm so excited to tell you more about this program I'm on all the divine food I've been eating. Later though. It's been so fantastic getting back to a healthy eating plan. Ok look it's only been a Week and a bit but I really feel better. My body feels great and I've got a little pep in my step that was Seriously lacking before. I can't believe I've taken this long to do this.

Now that both Regan and I are working our time with Sophie has become exponentially more precious. I spend a great deal of time in the evenings watching her sleep or sniffing her head or just spooning her warm little body. Yes she still sleeps in our bed. I don't even feel a twinge of guilt for that.

Regan and I have been terrible at being a couple lately. We haven't had a stitch of alone time of a single date night. It's so hard to find the space in a full day and whatever free time we do have, we'd both rather spend it with Sophie. Alarming. So July is for sure going to see a few changes on that front. For. Sure.

Cindy Alfino and I have been planning away and I really must tell you Cindy has done SO much. She's the best. I am unnaturally excited about the upcoming CTMeetUp. You really have no idea. If you're coming, just know, I cannot wait to meet you!

In a nutshell, June has been a fairly remarkable with month with a rather hearty serving of the good and just sprinkling of the not so good.

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