Monday, June 02, 2014

About 2 weeks ago I published my very first installment in this series. As I mentioned in my first post, I really want to share the blogs I love with you all. Blogging for me is partially about content and partially about how that content is presented. I am drawn to blogs that looks lovely. This week I want to share 3 great local blogs and 1 international blog with you guys. I read all four of these blogs frequently and hopefully you will too :-)

Nina Say Cheese is the kind of blog that transports you to a world of magic and whimsy. Authored by award winning food photographer, Vanessa Lewis, Nina Say Cheese documents the life and fancies of Vanessa's beautiful daughter Nina. Her images speak to a wonderfully curated life, my favorite posts are the ones in which she collects and documents Nina's favorite things. If you love beautifully styled images then Vanessa's blog is a must.

Happiness is... a beautifully illustrated blog :-) Fatima is an incredibly talented Durban based illustrator and graphic designer. Her blog is like looking an eclectic pin bored of beautiful imagery. You'll often find posts dedicated to cats, the gorgeous free printables she creates and interesting things she sees on the internet. Happiness is a visual delight and so is this blog.

Full disclosure, I am a new reader of indieBERRIES. Ché's blog feels like reading someone's diary, not because she writes about very personal topics, but because when you read her posts you truly feel that she is sharing something of herself with you. Her drawings are witty and light hearted but leave you feeling slightly introspective too. My favorite one right now is How Badass Are You?

The Clueless Girl's Guide used to be called Little Chief Honeybee. Kaelah is a young newly wed and mom. She lives in Tennessee with her hubs, son, doggies and bun currently growing in oven :-) Kaelah has so many amazing tattoo's and her style is just incredibly fresh. I LOVE IT ALL! Seriously I am such a huge fan of her blog, it's one of the blogs I read daily and feel genuinely bummed when she hasn't posted any new stuff. Her 'Things I love Thursday' series is like snippets of the best of the internet all living in one place. Check it out!

What are you reading and loving right now?

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