Monday, July 28, 2014

1) weekend sleepovers with my darling niece are the best. The fact that Regan gets to test drive being a parent of two is just an added bonus.

2) a typical day: grande cappuccino + too many cups of office coffee + not enough water = splitting headache by 3pm. Any tips on how to drink less coffee would be most appreciated.

3) speaking of coffee... Don't freak out yet, the cup was well and truly empty.

4) online shopping on Superbalist to get Regan the coolest pair of man boots ever!

5) we used to pass these coin operated rides and say "one day Soph will want to ride that" well one day has finally arrived. No trip to the shops is complete without Sophie flexing her bus driver muscles.

6) I've lost 7kg's in the past 6 weeks! This is the first selfie I've taken in over a year that included my thighs. *airpunch*

7) lunch time strolls around the CBD reveal many hidden architectural gems, like this one in lower Longmarket street.

8) Sophie has the best sense of humor. How awesome is it when your child's personality begins to reveal itself? She has us in stitches most days.

9) our lemon tree is dropping with the weight of unpicked lemons. I used this one for a very tasty roast chicken with rosemary.


Monday, July 14, 2014

I have this lofty goal of doing the Greenpoint Park Run on the 27th of September. Its only lofty because my fitness level is best described as sedentary. Let’s just say I’ve been at that level for quite some time. Since turning 30 I have become much more aware (read:ashamed) of my inactive lifestyle and making positive changes has been on the cards for quite some time.

Sure, I’ve had my excuses like my boobs are too big for my sports, I need a new sports bra, I can’t find a good sports bra, my sneakers are ugly, my sneakers are uncomfortable, my sneakers are not meant for running, I have blisters from my sneakers…. You don’t even know how far my excuses went. Anyway, I’ve since bought an awesome sports bra – goodbye boob jiggle – and also really great running shoes. So I’ve no more excuses!

But how do you even run????


Thursday, July 03, 2014

Winter is a time to stuff your face.
Ok, not really, but winter is the one time of the year where I truly enjoy food. I bake, roast, slow cook the shit out of the season. It's cold outside and our human bodies have a natural urge to fatten up. I saw this chocolate cake recipe in the June Fresh Living magazine and had to try it out.

Its moist, dense, rich, gooey, basically it checks all my boxes on my chocolate cake approval card. The best part is that its incredibly easy to make. I'm a novice baker, so me saying its easy means ITS REALLY FREAKING EASY!

Keep reading for the recipe.


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