Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm getting back into Pinterest. I felt like I was done with it for a while, but I know now it's a recurring addition. Here are my 10 favourite pins from this week: 

[1] Because i feel this in my heart. I want to be this woman. I am trying to be this woman. I know it will happen. 

[2] This fabric, those colours. It looks so exotic. It reminds me of places I haven't yet been and makes me nostalgic for things I haven't yet seen. 

[3] When I look at this it fills me with so much hope. I think because we are conditioned to thinking that with old age comes responsibility, and nothing screams boring quite like responsibility. It's untrue. Our capacity for whimsy and magic should grow with age. At least that's my hope. 

[4]  My baby box is empty. My broodiness is raging. I can't wait to make another person. 

[5] Kindred spirits will always find a way to move in the same direction. 

[6] Debbie Harry for the soul. It's Thursday, there's one more day left of the week and when I look at this picture I can almost feel the weekend. 

[7] My wedding colours. How lucky am I that all of my favourite colours work so beautifully together? 

[8] There are 2 things that make me miss Oslo, Christmas and the heat in January. I cannot tell you what I wouldn't give to escape the furnace that is Cape Town. 35 degrees! No man. 


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