Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Last night Sophie and I sat up in bed chatting, drawing and colouring. I watched her do a self-portrait and I almost burst into tears because for the first time ever I understood her rationale behind all the little squiggles and lines she draws. For me, it quickly turned into one of those profound “this is what life is all about moments”.

Now I am sitting around, listening to Simply Red, just in awe of this whole parenting another human being business. The music is egging on my already emotional state.

Like most other parents living on this planet, Regan and I often get stuck in the daily dash of adulting. Getting things done. Sorting things out. Getting from here to there. In the middle of it all, we have this remarkable 3-year-old that must sometimes feel like quite a passive spectator to her own life. We rarely slow down to her pace. We rarely stop and just exist in the world she knows and loves.

In the midst of a really stressful patch (life, work, baby number 2) I am suddenly struck by how important it is to let life unfold at Sophie’s pace.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that you only need to swing a cat on the internet to hit some kind of content about slow parenting. I will share a few of my favourite links at the bottom. Slow parenting is a concept I am buying into hook, line, and sinker. Why? Because it makes sense.

Allowing our lives to flow with a sense of simplicity, balance and mindfulness can only be a good thing. There are so many ways to define what slow parenting means, for me, essentially it is:

De-emphasising technology
Saying no to radical and unnecessary overscheduling
Creating simplistic play time that encourages creativity
Spending more time outside
Spending more time with family and friends
Giving Sophie the freedom to explore her interests
Slowing down
Being present
Promoting play
Choosing quality family time over all other activities.

Are you embarking on a slow parenting journey? Have you already started your journey? Do you have some tips and advice? I would love to hear it all.

Are you totally clueless about this whole slow parenting story? Here are some great links to get you started: 

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