Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I was so inspired by Diana from Our City Lights “Dear You” blog post, I decided to do one of my own. At this time of the year I find it impossible not to look back on the year that was and also to look ahead at the year to come. Instead of posting my usual year in review or goals for next year, I am writing a letter to future me…

I hope that in a years time I can say all of these things, but if not, I will do my best to remember that there is a lesson hidden in every failure.

Dear Nikki, 

Wow, 2017 has been a flipping doozy. I know that towards the end of last year your heart was filled with so much anxiety, worry and uncertainty about the year ahead, but now that it’s come to an end, you need to hug yourself and whisper a well deserved “yasss queen”. 

Good job on prioritizing your relationship with Regan. I know that too often you felt like two ships passing in the night, roommates more than partners and parents. I’m so happy that you’ve managed to schedule more couples time and that you’ve put each other first. Always remember that you can’t create a happy home for the girls if you guys are unhappy. Keep working at it. And remember to let love be a part of every aspect of your lives together. 

You set a goal to be a gentler parent and you’ve rocked it. You’ve said yes more, spent more time outside with the girls and less time looking at a screen. You’ve listened attentively to every story and nursed every ouchie without distraction. Raising two children is much more challenging than raising one but you’ve done so well. You are a loving and considerate mother and this year you have made every effort to be present (mentally and physically) in your children’s lives and it’s paid off. 

I’m most proud of the time you have put into being a better version of yourself. You have been kinder to yourself, you have forgiven yourself and you have learned to love the person you are. It’s not been an easy journey and let’s be honest, it’s far from over, but you are on the right track. Keep making time for yourself, keep reading, keep journaling and keep being honest with yourself. You can never be the partner, mom, entrepreneur you want to be without feeling completely secure in who you are. Your healthy self-esteem is your greatest asset; guard it from the negative Nancy that lives in your head. 

Starting your own business has been a goal for almost 7 years. This year you not only achieved it, you smashed it. You took your big goal and broke it down into smaller, achievable goals and look at you now – owner of a thriving, growing business. 

You’ve spent so many hours with family and friends this year. You’ve made new friends and even though it’s hard for you: you’ve been so much more social. 

You’re smaller goals to blog at least once a week, take better care of your skin and health, put more time into making your house a home, taking more pictures of yourself with the girls and cooking more have seen great success and minor failures here and there. 

Now that the chips are down (that is the saying right?) you can look back on a year that brought you so much joy. And take comfort in the knowledge that you have built your own truth. All your success is a result of the faith you have in yourself and the hard work you have put in. 

Well done darling! 

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