Monday, December 19, 2016

Deep down in the truest part of my heart I am a complete and utter cheeseball. I think that is why I adore Christmas. There’s nothing about this time of the year that doesn’t make my heart glad. Having kids makes Christmas extra special, it’s like you get a chance to relive the magic of your childhood through their eyes. While I have no doubt in my mind that Sophie and Grace won’t remember the gifts they received from us, they will remember our family traditions. 

This is only our third Christmas as parents, and we’ve tried to put a few traditions in place, and this year I am hoping to add a few more. 

Here are our 6 Christmas traditions, some new, some old: 

1) CHRISTMAS KINDNESS – a new one for us, but it has been coming for quite a while and there literally is no better time of the year to offer up an act of kindness. I’m not sure how it is going to work out, but for our first ever Christmas act of kindness we are going to be baking cookies and dropping them off at our local police station. With my dad being a lifer in the SAPS I know the toll this time of year takes on the men and women working in the police, long shifts, time away from their families, working an incredibly dangerous job – a stash of Christmas cookies in the break room may not be life changing, but hopefully it can brighten their moods a bit.

2) COOKIE BAKING – indulgence is the theme of the season right? Even though we are taking healthy eating seriously, there is always room for a Rice Krispie reindeer or a melting snowman. 

3) MOVIE NIGHT – a new one: I have a list of movies I watch every year at Christmas time (Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone etc etc), Regan watches all the Star Wars movies but this year I would love to start an annual Christmas Movie Night. Sophie is old enough now to sit through an entire movie and there are so many I’d like to introduce her to. Time to make a “Christmas Bed” in the lounge, put on a pot of popcorn and get in the festive mood! 

4) TREE DECORATION – every year we ignore the longing (fueled on by all your gorgeous Instagram posts) to decorate our tree early. Ever since I was little tot, our Christmas tree got decorated on Christmas Eve. This was mostly because my dad always got a real tree. Even though we have a lovely synthetic Norwegian pine, we’ve held true to the tradition. Early in the morning on Christmas Eve we unpack the decorations, set up the tree, make some breakkie and then get our decorating on. As much as I would like to have a tree up for all of December, I just can’t let go of the flashback to my childhood that decorating the tree on Christmas Eve is.

5) THE CRAFTERNOON – this one started last year, the annual Christmas Crafternoon – literally an afternoon of Christmas crafting. Yes all the crafts are fugly and the colours don’t match and they are absolutely not Instagram-worthy, I love this time. This year my darling niece will be joining us and we’ll be crafting a clay garland, our own potato stamp wrapping paper and Christmas cards for the grandparents and great-grandparents. 

6) BOXING DAY BRUNCH – also known as “Christmas lunch round 2”. Boxing Day has and always will be (sorry teenage Soph and teenage Gracie) family day. My sisters, our families and my maternal aunt and granny gather to stuff all the left over gammon into our faces. It’s an estrogen fest and I would not have it any other way. 

One of my favourite bloggers, Cindy, blogged about her new tradition: The Christmas Box over here. I love this idea and I’ve banked it for next year. What are some of the new and old traditions your family celebrates over the holidays? 

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