Thursday, February 02, 2017

I have never felt as clueless as I did after Sophie was born. As a new, first time mom there was so much (self-imposed) pressure to get it right. Chose the right pram, the right nappies, the right bath soap, the right shampoo. Only organic, free-range options handmade in the mountains of Nepal were considered. And if said shampoo cost R250 then so be it. I know I have blogged and tweeted a bit about how I have struggled with the move from 1 to 2 kids but one aspect has been so simple and blissful: I now know that there is no right way, there is only your way and your way is the best way.

I have cultivated a little list of the products that I love, the products I use daily and I believe they are best of the batch. None of them are organic though, sorry about that.

If you’re a new mom, freaking out about which brand is better, keep reading because girl, I got you.

For bums:
Pigeon baby wipes – Look I know this is a lame thing to admit but I got legitimately excited about these baby wipes. Because they are moistened with 99% pure water they leave no weird sticky sensation on your baby’s butt, in fact they are so soft and lovely, you could wipe your baby from head to toe with them. I will never use another brand of wet wipe. Never.

Sudocreme – Yes it’s pricey but your baby will never (ever ever) get a nappy rash. Again, it’s fragrance free, spreads so well. You really don’t need to use much, and most importantly it will protect that little bum you love so much.

For bath time:
Epizone - When Gracie was born she had terribly dry skin on her tummy and chest. After taking her to the pead, trying all the various treatments and seeing no result, I took to Twitter. Sharon (Blessed Baroness) suggested I try the Epizone creams. The A for bathing and the E for rubbing down post bath. After a week all of Gracie’s dry skin was gone. These creams are amazing.

For boobs:
Clicks breast pads - Breast pads are like nappies: they cost a lot and end up the bin. The Clicks brand is great because the pads themselves are seriously absorbent and they are so affordable.

Bits & Bobs:
Annique baby lotion – Somehow the genius people at Annique have managed to bottle the new baby smell. This lotion, while fragranced, is mild and moisturizing and smells absolutely heavenly. I use it more often than the kids do. What I love most about it is that it’s not an oily lotion. It absorbs nicely leaving you and your baby smelling like heaven.

Annique Rescue Mist – This spray is quite a “Jack of all trades”. It’s a full time decongestant and part time insect repellent, muscle soother, room freshener and antibac spray. Spritz it lightly on to the cot bumper and baby’s pillow to unblock stuffy noses or to ward off nasty mozzies or spray it on tired muscles for instant soothing. It’s an all natural, rooibos based wonder spray.

Waterless hand cleanser – If you read my post about saving water you’ll know that waterless hand cleanser is featuring majorly in our home at the moment. This little bottle of “Good Stuff Coconut and Lime” hand cleanser is from Dischem. There are 2 things I love about this stuff:
1] It smells so wonderful.
2] It actually leaves my hands feeling moisturized and not sticky and clammy like a lot of other cleansers do.

Of course I used a ton of other products in addition to these, but these 8 products have been consistently amazing and I wouldn’t switch them out for anything.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I have purchased all products featured.

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