Friday, February 17, 2017

This photo was taken 2 days before Gracie was born. At the time I remember feeling quite large and uncomfortable. What I don’t remember feeling grateful for every moment we had as a little family of 3.

A day after this photo was taken we went out for supper with Leigh from The Mom Diaries and her hubs. During dinner I was telling Leigh about how Soph climbed into the bath on her own for the first time that night. Our bath is quite high and Regan or I usually pop her in. But that night she got in all by herself. I was sad because it was one more thing she no longer needed me to do for her. Leigh so wisely commented that I probably had no idea that when I put her in the bath the night before it would be for the last time…. Right in the feels guys.

I’ve been thinking about this so much lately. You may know that I advocate slow parenting, I’ve written about it here. I am no expert and I fail miserably at this so often, but every day I wake up with one parenting goal in mind: slow down, live life at Sophie’s pace. The thing is, we rush through everything. We live in such a hurried society that we often miss so many firsts, but we don’t even notice the lasts. We can’t wait for our little ones to wipe their own bums or eat on their own or go to bed without us laying next to them, but these are the moments we will long for when we’re old.

There are so many articles and blog posts and inspirational quotes about what it means to be a good parent, but at the core of it it’s really is quite simple: Just cherish them. Cherish every moment. Find the joy in every day. Be there, always present in every second so that at the end of our days we can look back on fond memories of love instead of longing for moments we wished we had enjoyed more.


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