Monday, April 03, 2017

If January felt like a month of Monday’s, March has felt like a month of Sunday’s. Relaxing, stress-free, happy and so content. Here’s the highlights reel:

Donuts & diets
I have come to realize that the only way to feel triumphant when attempting to embrace healthy living, is to stare temptation in the face and proudly declare: not today donuts, not today. Sadly, this has not happened all that often this month. After Gracie was born I started eating properly and while I have lost 8kgs, it’s nowhere near enough. Hopefully April brings with it more mindful eating habits.

Not a day goes by when Sophie doesn’t make me laugh. March was Sophie’s last month as a 3 year old and there were many moments when her little meltdowns underscored her “threenager” status. But thankfully there were many more moments of laughter, cuddles and fun. She is growing so fast, I find myself grasping every moment with both hands.

Ok, so here’s a humble brag, Grace is the most perfect child. Not only is she flipping crazy adorable, she is also the sweetest little angel. She sleeps like a dream, her little laughs make my heart feel like they’re going to explode and those eyes… I swear I could drown in them. She is slowly starting to roll over, so far she can just about get on to her tummy. As desperate as she is to crawl, her little chubby legs have yet to figure the motions out properly.

While we had a slightly rocky start, Sophie has absolutely embraced having a little sister. She often proclaims, with such pride, that Gracie is her best friend. Seeing the two of them snuggling on my bed and giggling together is just love-dynamite. Everything Sophie does entertains Gracie, she looks at her big sister with wide eyed love. It’s so special to witness.

Hold on to your hats, this is quite a revelation I’m about to drop on you:
This month I managed to read 2 books:
The help was amazing, funny, heart breaking and so so sincere. The second book I devoured was Deon Meyer’s 13 hours. Probably one of the best suspense thrillers I have read in ages. This was not a book I would normally pick up so Kudo’s to Julia for adding it to the book club reading list. I have gone out and gotten 2 more of his books.

Small joys
This month I have taken time to enjoy the small things more. Picking avos from our avo tree, eating cake for breakfast, watching movies, spending hours holding Gracie while she sleeps, giving Regan all the hugs…. Relishing the little joys has left me feeling so happy and grateful for the life I have.

What did your March look like?


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