Wednesday, May 31, 2017

You guys, I know I cannot be the only one freaking out because we are almost half way through 2017 already?!?!

Yesterday I re-read the letter I wrote to myself at the end of last year, I needed to check in with myself, assess my goals, question my productivity… May’s been a month of looking back. I feel like I have spent most of the month in a nostalgic blur. Other than looking back, it’s been a quiet month. April left us reeling and May has been our recovery period.

Here are some highlights from the past month:

Getting back to basics with our relationship.
I have been so happy this month because Regan and I have been putting “us” first. We have been making time for each other and doing our best to be two people who love each other first, and parents second.

Grace is sitting up on her own.
This is the best stage of life with a baby. Their fat little bodies some how magically manage to sit perfectly upright and they hardly ever topple over. It’s been so great for me too because I can pop her on the rug with some pillows and a pile of toys and watch her explore (leaving my hands free for coffee drinking, Twitter scrolling, Instagram liking and all the rest).

As usual, my girls have been melting my heart as their sisterly bond grows.
I often look at Soph and Grace and wonder if my parents felt the same heart-expanding love when they watched my sisters and I play… I hope so. There is something incredible about sisters. I have said it so many times and I will never stop saying it. In a sister you have a best friend for life. For. Life.

Teething has really destroyed all sleep patterns for pretty much our whole family.
Guys, it’s been rough. We’ve tried everything and in the end the magic of Prodol has won out.

We’ve been so lazy and it’s been luscious.
Not much to say about this other than: movies + food + couch time + blanket forts = happy Humans.

Here’s to an incredible June!


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