Friday, August 11, 2017

Welcome to the latest installment of ‘Just a minute in’…. which I have affectionately renamed JAMI.

Please forgive me for the radio silence this month. It’s been a savage time, filled with snot, poo, throw up and so much crying.

When I titled this post “We’ve been attacked” I was being quite serious. Our house has been ground zero for every bug, virus and plague known to man (ok, ok, ok, not really, but it sure has felt like it). We kicked things off with Sophie having a 6 day long tummy bug which resulted in her losing 2.4 kilos. We then moved into Regan having an epic bout of the man flu. Then Grace’s tummy went bonkers and this, coupled with her teething left us with a perfect misery storm. Then it was my turn with chronic migraines, flu and just bone-numbing exhaustion that I still cannot seem to shake. Nothing makes you appreciate general good health more than a month of sickness. Nothing.

I haven’t Tweeted, posted or Instagramed much this month because I guess no one really wants to see pics of me hand washing poo-stained pj’s or scrubbing sick off the side of the bath... TMI? Sorry, not sorry. I can’t suffer in silence anymore.

So what else have we been up to this month? Quite a bit actually. Despite the general knock to our collective immune systems, we have been a bunch of busy Humans.

Grace is crawling properly now and standing up all the time.
Sophie is embracing YouTube as her preferred medium of communication.
Regan has been working himself to the bone, coming home exhausted, with a dampened sense of oomf, but he still managed to wash the dishes every night and cook at least 70% of the suppers.
I’ve been momming hard and getting back into the groove of being a working parent. I forgot what fresh hell it is when you have a baby and a job. Oh and I’ve also majorly neglected my friends, family and this here blog.

Here’s a round up of the things I’ve really enjoyed this month:

Reading: The Light Between Oceans. This was a book club book that got such great reviews I was expecting to be swept up into a story of raw emotion, but it actually took me 18 chapters to truly feel invested in this story. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I am definitely going to. The book is beautiful. A simple story of how good people can make bad decisions. I did cry, eventually. And I did get swept up into a world of raw emotion, eventually. When I finished the last page of this book, I felt so reflective and upset. This story creeps under your skin and into your heart and makes you look at your own life; at least it did for me. I might write more on this later.
Listening to: Ed Sheeran. He puts Grace to sleep, so we listen to his entire album most nights. It soothes our whole house.
Watching: Season 2 of Animal Kingdom, Season 2 of Billions, The Handmaid’s Tale and This is Us. Yeah, we mostly watched TV this month.
Buying: A domain for my business – EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! More on this soon.
Eating: Everythings. Like literally, alles.
Working out: My new favourite workouts come from the amazing BOPO, Fit At Any Size inspiration Queen Iona Fitness. If you love quick, fun workouts, follow her Instagram. She’s amazing. Her bum workouts are especially rad.

Things I’ve written this month:

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Parenting in an age of paranoia, how do we keep our kids safe without fear mongering and teaching our children to fear the world they live in, read more> 

Here’s to August, we’re 8 months in now.


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