Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

My blog has always been a complete labor of love. There are times when I really struggle to keep up the consistency and there are times when I just cannot face taking a single picture. But I always find myself right back here, sitting in front of my laptop, staring at the blinking cursor. I have found that keeping a standby list of blog post ideas really helps me on the days when I just have nothing to say but feel like writing.

Here are 36 things you can write about when you have nothing to say:

  1. The Mommy Bloggers You Should Be Following
  2. 5 Things In My Nappy Bag I Can’t Live Without
  3. Our Favourite Toys For Babies
  4. How To Plan To Be Productive
  5. First Finger Foods For Your Baby
  6. Easy Beauty Tips For The Busy Mom
  7. Budget Meal Planning 
  8. How To Encourage Creative Play
  9. How To Make A Birth Plan
  10. Where To Shop For Cute Kids Clothes
  11. Why We Chose To Cosleep 
  12. Why I Never Let My Kids ____________
  13. How I Stay Organized With Kids
  14. How To Find Your Balance
  15. The Unexpected Joys Of Motherhood
  16. 10 Great, Kid Friendly Things To Do In _______________
  17. How To Set Boundaries For Your Kids
  18. My Morning Routine 
  19. 5 Must-Have Items In My Handbag
  20. Quick + Easy Workout Routine For Naptime
  21. My Favourite Herbal Teas
  22. How To Talk To Your Tween About __________
  23. Local Travel Destinations The Whole Family Will Love
  24. Eating Healthy On A Budget
  25. Meal Planning When You’re Vegan/Paleo/Gluten Free
  26. My Birthplan
  27. How To Include A Partner When You’re Breastfeeding
  28. Why I Don’t Let My Children Eat ___________________
  29. Picking Out The Perfect School For Your Child
  30. Making Time For _____________
  31. How To Make Mommy Friends
  32. Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist
  33. Letting Go Of My Fear
  34. Why I Stopped Doing _________ For My Children
  35. 10 Work At Home Jobs For Mommies
  36. The Hardest Thing About Motherhood Right Now Is
Do you keep an "ideas list"? How do you beat the writing blues? 


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