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I know, I know! It’s January and I am talking about health and finances. What a stereotype, right? So here’s a little secret about me, I am in the middle of a free-fall into the wonderful world of organisation binders. After pinning one too many printables, I have finally declared that time is now, I need to get my ass into gear and organise my life and because I am an old-school soul, I like to plan with a pen and paper.

Regan and I have different approaches to spending and saving money and for the most part, things tend to work out ok, but lately, I have been feeling a bit out of control. Perhaps it’s just the Januaries? Either way, our whacked-out finances have had their final moment of joy, it is time to get the books in order.

Budgeting is and will always feel like such a grown-up thing. It’s so easy to fail and it’s even easier to just toss the plan out of the window when you do fail. I have realised that there is a lesson in every failure and this is especially true for financial mistakes. Document it all and draw from your experience, this is my new approach to our household finances.

I know that what works for us won’t work for everyone, but if nothing else, our methods may just inspire you to go out and create your own?

In this pack of printables you will find the following:
  1. The budget binder cover
  2. The annual savings tracker – in addition to our planned savings, this year Regan and I are using the envelope method to save any extra money we may have, I use this sheet to record the extras but you could use it for any savings you’re planning
  3. The full, monthly household budget – this gets completed at the beginning of the month with your income/s and projected expenses for the coming month
  4. The month at a glance worksheet – this gets completed at the end of the month with all the actual total of what was spent. It is helpful to place this sheet at the beginning of each month so you can easily reference it when planning the following month
  5. A weekly expense tracker to record all the week-to-week expenses that crop up every month
  6. An outstanding debt tracker – keeping track of what you owe, what you’ve paid and how much more you still need to pay is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to clear that debt. Watching that number grow smaller every month is amazing
  7. Your monthly meal plan – self-explanatory
  8. A monthly shopping list which is based on your monthly meal plan – buying only what you plan to eat is a great way to spend less.
  9. A notes page – for sums and stuff
  10. 3 goals pages – long term, medium term and short-term financial goals.
  11. 12 monthly cover pages
Guys, there are 25 sheets in total. How rad?

You can download them here
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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I am really making an effort to spend wiser and be a budget queen so this is going to be my new best friend.

  2. Awsome! Checking it out now. Truth be told we buy a lot of CRAP (with a capital 'crap')

  3. This is awesome, but I always end up forgetting to fill my shit out and then I just give up. I don't think I am adult enough for this yet.

  4. Such great tips. I really need to start spending our money wiser. I struggle to stay within my budget...most times.

    Great post!

  5. may God bless you, love this printable!!


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