Monday, March 19, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa


I have always lived my life according to the seasons. As soon as I feel those first chills of autumn on an early morning breeze, my soul comes alive. While many people live for summer, I am a child of autumn. Nothing makes me happier than donning a wooly cardi, pulling on a pair of boots and braving a gloomy day. When Superbalist.com approached me and asked if I would be keen to share my favourite products from their A/W footware collection, it took me minutes to reply with a roaring YES. Mostly because I love their brand and it wouldn’t be much work at all considering I already had a wishlist bursting with all the wonderful warm things currently listed on their site.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

You all (should) know that I am fiercely passionate about women coming together in support of each other. When I decided to feature a few South African non-profits or organisations that are run by women, for women, I was confronted by a very long list. It was really difficult to whittle that list down to just a few. I really wanted to focus on 3 organisations that are making pretty significant waves in their relevant industries.


So if you are looking for a cause to champion, if you want to extend your influence towards something greater than yourself, if you are just looking to make a very small difference, you should consider one of these organisations.



Dress for Success is an amazing organisation. You may not have heard of yet, but you will, trust me. Their aim is to empower unemployed women so that they can return to the workforce. When you’ve been unemployed for years, getting a job can be incredibly daunting. Your confidence takes a further knock when you come from a disadvantaged background and cannot afford to buy a new item clothing for your interview. Dress for Success not only helps women throughout the recruitment process with CV building, skills training and development, they also provide these women with clothing to wear to their interview, and a few outfits to carry them through to their first salary. What I love about this organisation is that you don’t need to have spare cash to make a difference. They accept donations of gently worn work wear and accessories. So if you have old clothing just hanging in your cupboard, why not round them all up and donate them to Dress for Success? Your old threads could change someone’s life.


The milk a baby receives in its first days of life is incredibly important. If that baby is premature, that milk is life saving, and life sustaining. Very often, for many different reasons, mothers may be unable to nurse their newborn babies themselves. And this is where Milk Matters comes in. Milk Matters provides only screened, pasteurised donor breastmilk from healthy, screened mothers who willingly donate their breastmilk to help other babies. While it is very possible to make a financial donation to Milk Matters, what they really need is milk. So if you are a breastfeeding mom with a great supply of milk and you think you could spare a bit, please, I urge you, get in touch with Milk Matters. Make a donation. If premature babies do not receive donor milk, they are given IV fluids and if they are given IV fluids, their chance of survival drops drastically.




Every day, thousands (THOUSANDS!!!!!!) of girls across South Africa miss school because they have their period. If you are active on social media, you may feel like this conversation has been had a million times, well we’re going to have it a million more times and we’ll keep having it, until no girl misses a day of school because of something as manageable as a period. I was in our local grocery store and almost choked when I saw the price of my usual tampons, R79 guys. That is R79 for the amount of tampons it will take to see me through my period. Now image you come from a home with a single income or zero income. A home where your parent(s) are struggling to feed you, never mind spend the little money they have on hygiene products. How do you manage? Easy, you don’t. You miss school, your marks suffer, you repeat the grade, you eventually decide to drop out (because what’s the point?) and you continue in the cycle of abject poverty you were raised in. THIS IS IMPORTANT GUYS. THIS CAUSE MATTERS. IT MATTERS MORE THAN I CAN ADEQUETLEY COMMUNICATE. We need to all take responsibility for these girls. They hold the future of our country in their hands and if we forget them now, where will be? Subz Pads is one of the organisations doing the maximum to ensure that no girl misses a day of school because of her period. While there are quite a few organisations that are collecting and distributing pads, what I love about Subz Pads is that they are distributing washable sanitary towels and panties. They are solving a problem. Please go to their site and make any donation you can afford to make. I can’t stress the important of this organization enough. We need to help. As women who can afford pads and tampons, we need to help.


Giving back is the easiest way to improve and grow our society. When you live in a country like South Africa, where the divide between the have's and the have not's is so huge, it often feels like a canyon that just grows wider, it is important to help when you can.

No one is asking you to do more than you can. I'm only asking that you do everything you can. And if all you can do is a little, then great, if you can do a lot, amazing, do it. Just make sure that you help when you can. It doesn't have to be to any of the organisations I've listed above. Go out and pick a cause. Do the research, find a way to make a difference. It feels really good, trust me.



Tuesday, March 06, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

When I think about what it means to be a woman in South Africa today, my heart sways with something heavy. Of course there is a little bit of pride, after all, we live in a country where women have made their mark. But there is mostly fear and worry. Fear because ours is a time of pervasive gender-based violence, worry because I am raising my daughters here… will they also learn to be fearful and worried about their safety and their future?


Friday, March 02, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

“You can always count on having a fun day, when you spend it with people you love”

 The “I love you” theme song to Barney and Friends is often stuck on an endless loop in my brain. I’m not going to lie, it’s not fun. But I recently sat down and watched a full episode of Barney and Friends with Grace and before the dreaded theme song begins, Barney proudly proclaims “You can always count on having a good day, when you spend it with people you love”. Here I was, sitting on my couch, being reminded of one of my biggest goals for 2018: make time for those you love. I realised that while many (read: all) parents find Barney a little annoying, he teaches our children some pretty valuable life lessons. If we’re open to it, we might just learn something as well.


Don’t forget your manners

If the simple lessons are lacking, complex concepts don’t fall into place. As adults we can often get so dragged down by our daily stress and schedules that we forget basic manners, like saying please and thank you. We forget to say these things to other adults, but most importantly, we can sometimes forget to say these things to our children. How can we ever expect them to treat others with respect and kindness, when we forget to treat them with it?

Never lose your imagination

If we stop imagining, we stop growing. The entire concept for the Barney and Friends show is centered on children imaging a world where this talking, purple dinosaur visits them. As children, all we did was imagine, as adults we forget that we can do what we imagine is possible.

Take responsibility for your life

If you make a mess, clean it up. In order to raise children who are accountable adults, they need to be raised by accountable adults. They need to hear their parents apologizing to each other. They need to hear their parents taking responsibility for the hard stuff. As parents we should never forget that our job is to teach our children how to be good, kind people and the best and easiest way to do that, is to just be a good, kind person.

Don’t be afraid to let someone know what they mean to you

The dreaded “I love you” song ends off with “won’t you say you love me too?”. It’s a slightly desperate little plea and whenever I hear it, I feel a little cringe of sadness. But it is an apt reminder that we can’t assume that the people we love know that we love them and cherish them. You need to say it. You need to say it often. Especially, if like me, you struggle with affection.

In the spirit of celebrating my favourite purple friend, I would like to offer one of my readers the chance to win a singing Barney plushie. In addition to being very cute, it also sings when you give it a hug.

All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Share the competition Facebook post
  2. Comment the age of your toddler on this article and tag 2 friends on the Facebook post or the Instagram post. 

The competition rules:

  1. The competition closes on the 12th of March 2018
  2. All decisions are final
  3. If the selected winner has not claimed the prize within 24 hours, a new winner will be drawn
  4. This Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to www.wearethehumans.co.za and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for this competition only.

Before I end off, I just want to give you guys a little heads up, the Barney and Friends website has a treasure trove of fun and educational printables that you can download and print for your toddler. Check them out over here. 

Good luck! I can’t wait to read your comments.



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