Friday, August 31, 2018 Cape Town, South Africa

I have agreed to do a really crazy thing. Some of you will know that one of my main goals for 2018 is to re-kindle my love of exercise and get my ass into a healthier place. It's been a crazy few months. A few weeks ago I sat down and started the long and tiring process of clearing my camera roll on my phone. I saw a picture and it lit a fire inside my heart.

Four or Five months ago I started this “healthy eating journey”. I can see a lot of eyes rolling as they read this, but stay with me… Please. Initially, I had been quite focused on losing weight, on being a specific size, on a number. But then I had a trip to the doctor and I realised that right now, what is absolutely crucial to my life, is just being healthy. I

So back to this picture…

This picture was taken on a happy day. I love this dress. I love the memories attached to this moment in my life but when I look at this picture I feel sad. This picture reminds me of everything I hate.

I don't hate being fat.
I don't hate my body.

I hate struggling to get off the couch. I hate not being able to run after my kids. I hate feeling winded after picking up a box of Legos. I hate being that one mom at the kid's party that's not running and playing along with her kids. I hate feeling like my life I ruled by food. I hate feeling anxious about going out because I don't feel comfortable in my clothing.

I don't hate my body.
I don't hate being fat.

But, I am unhappy. I need to make these changes that terrify me. I need to embrace a healthier mindset so that I can have a healthier body. I need to do this now. My body hurts and aches in ways it never did and I will never be able to feel OK about that.

So I'm back here. Talking about getting healthy again.


The wonderful people at Adventure Bootcamp for Women got in touch with me recently and asked if I would like to collaborate with them and create some great content together around their Journey to Summer Challenge. I was so keen! I mean I am pretty freaking terrified as well because yikes, my body is not a fit one, but, (big BUTT) I made a commitment to myself, to be healthier. To build a body that can carry me through my life, to change my unhealthy relationship with food, to push myself to achieve more than I currently am. For the first time in years, I am actually excited to move. I cannot wait for this challenge to start on the 24th of September.


ABC runs classes all over the country at a  variety of different locations at times that would suit both working and stay at home mamas.

I hope that in 3 months time I can look see this picture as the motivation it feels like today. I hope that future me sticks to the goals present me is so desperate to achieve. And if she doesn't, I hope that she gets there one day because, at the risk of sounding dramatic, this is her life I am fighting for.

To find out more about the Journey to Summer Challenge, click here>
To follow Adventure Bootcamp, click here for Instagram or here for Facebook >

If you’re really into my journey and want to get all the details, videos, crying, recipes and more, you can follow my Fat Mom on a Diet Instagram account here >

You guys, I just want to say that I am choosing to open up about a really personal thing on my blog and my social platforms. Weight loss, exercise, changing food habits… are all very loaded topics in my life and I would love to make these changes and share this story in a judgement free zone. I accept that everyone has their own opinions about diets and getting fit and body positivity. For me, right now, nothing is more important than getting my body into a healthier place so that I have the strength and stamina to be the kind of mom I want to be for my girls.

This isn't about a size, this isn't about a goal weight, this is about shifting my lifestyle in a massive way, towards a healthier me.

Are you joining me?



  1. Good luck! You've got this and you'll be great!

    1. Thank you SO much! I am so excited to just show up for myself.

  2. This seems like a doable programme. All the best!

  3. This is so me right now. My baby girl is almost 7 months old and I need to lose the extra weight and just become healthier - for myself, for my daughter and my 7 year old son. I don't want my daughter growing up with a mom who is uncomfortable in her body and constantly aware of her weight and what she eats...and I want to be able to run around with my son while he still wants me to. I am definitely going to follow your new account and will take it one day at a time on this journey to a healthier me. Will have a look at the ABC website as well. Good luck and thank you for sharing your journey with us.


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