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Gosh, I thought so long about the format I wanted this post to take, my first post of 2020. It feels so significant because this year feels so huge. I feel like the entire world could end this year. It just feels like we’re on the brink of something. Does that make sense?

January is always my favourite month of the year because it’s my birthday month (YAY ME!) and even though I love my birthday, I do feel like it depresses me. I don’t want to be pathetically cliché and say it’s because I am getting older. It’s not that. I think it’s more that I feel so close to my mortality. I feel the passing of the year as this physical thing, like one more year down xxx amount to go. So morbid, right?

Back in the days of old, I used to follow this format with these round-up posts where I would share just a few things that truly sparked joy for the month and I think I will continue with that because otherwise, I will just ramble along for who knows how many paragraphs. So let me quickly tell you about all the things that made me happy in January:


Well, this is embarrassing because the last blog post I wrote was in November of 2019 lol. I have been trying to conserve my creative energy for another project that I cannot tell you anything about because I am so scared of failing. So I haven’t felt much like writing anything. But I have been toying with the idea of doing more video content and I have actually (!!) planned to carve out some time this weekend to film my first YouTube video! How rad?


I read so many books in January. Probably because I only went back to work on the 22nd so I had much relaxing time (insert huge smiley face). One of my favourites for January was Holly Black’s Cruel prince series. Oh my GOSH! I loved it. I don’t think I stopped to breathe between the books. I was happy, angry, in love, frustrated, heartbroken. Just everything. A definite 4.5 stars!

Listening to

This isn’t something I am listening to but have you heard of Bedtime Explorers on Spotify? It’s a guided meditation playlist for children and it is incredible. My girls listen to it every single night and it takes about 7 minutes of listening before they are fast asleep. If you have been looking for a fuss-free, relaxing way to settle your children for bedtime, I would HIGHLY recommend this Spotify Account.


Urgh. I feel like I’ve watched everything on Netflix and Showmax updates so slowly I barely have the energy to check back. In January I watched a few shows, I won't mention the ones I didn’t like but the one that blew me away, that I binged completely was The Witcher. Holy smokes. The steam. The heat. The story. Toss a coin to my sanity because I CANNOT wait for the next season!

I also watched the much-acclaimed Parasite movie which I literally cannot tell you about because I don’t want to ruin anything but you must watch it. If you love a psychological-thriller-mind-fuck of a movie, this is the one to watch!


I have been trying my best to live a conscious life and this especially applies to things I purchase. I barely bought anything in January and all the purchases I have done were very needs-based. I did splurge on some Le Melle eye cream which is a little bottle of heaven. Over on the Two Babes On A Budget blog, I have taken a pledge to do no shopping until April. So far so good!


Old hahaha! Jokes! January was a month of feeling incredibly relaxed. We took a trip to Greyton, I spent most of January on leave. I think I spent most of the month in a relaxed, loved up bubble.

Intentions for February

Since we are a week into February already this does feel a little silly but I only have 3 intentions for this month:

To stick to my therapy schedule
To film my first YouTube video
To be positive and open to life

How was your month? Have you set any intentions for February? Are you seriously excited about 2020?


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